ChromaDepth glasses "separate" the color spectrum and give colorful pictures the illusion of 3D.

The best way to view this blog is in a dark room with your browser zoomed in to make the pictures larger.

Click images for comment/artist link. If the pictures stop loading after you've scrolled for awhile, browse the archive instead.
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Watercolors by Kyara007
Encapsulation 1 [Iteration II] by MarkJayBee
The Primrose Path by tiffrmc720
Dazzling by Bulldoggenliebchen
Chaotic Coolness by Don64738
Nebulate by Prozzakchylde
A new perspective by luisbc

profile picture (facebook user #12) by sarah rhiannon
Gouache on paper 15 x 21 cm 2013
Psychedelic Cavern by Megacosmichroma
Fractal Tree by Minia4
Blacklight Portrait by Natashazlan
Chaos by Manndacity
Dream by MOSHzaic
Nuclear Feast by Megacosmichroma