ChromaDepth glasses "separate" the color spectrum and give colorful pictures the illusion of 3D.

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ChromaDepth is a 3-D viewing technology created by Chromatek (now American Paper Optics). The glasses are fitted with a thin prism-like holographic film. When looked through, colors appear shifted onto different 3-dimensional planes, with red appearing to come forward while blue recedes into the background. The other colors fall into place based on the visible light spectrum.

Image (C)  Jared E. Bendis.

The first time I saw ChromaDepth was a 3D maze at a theme park during Halloween. It is also used in marketing, music videos, and art. With other forms of 3D like stereoscopic (used in movie theaters) and anaglyph (like red/blue glasses), if you don’t have glasses on, the image is distorted or discolored. ChromaDepth images you can enjoy without glasses, though having them makes it look extra awesome.

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